On the Keystone Green

Right next to our bedroom in Lagos, the community was celebrating ECO gardening with an exhibition of organically grown produce.  Margaret and I wandered around the exhibit/sale event with a renewed sense of pride for the efforts taken by the Last Door community to grow healthy food for the market and clients.

Not wanting to brag or anything so crass, however our onions and eggplants were much bigger.  It was like an adolescent contest for size till we arrived at the nut table and we knew that our climate and our abilities were curtailed.  Nuts and nut butters of every variety.  Yes we have a few challenges.  However our walnut tree is pruned, the fig trees are growing and we are searching a disease free hazelnut variety.  Time!  Time!  Time!  The rule in the EU is three years no pesticides on the land.  With pride we have been growing pesticide free since 2013 and to our knowledge none was every used on the blackberry bushes we removed one thorn at a time!

Healthy living deserves celebration and this market celebrated life!  Good living!

Margaret got down to earth with some of the story-book characters that haul produce and celebrate a Carob harvest.  Green is a lot more fun and a lot less predictable.  Shape, colour and timing are all within nature’s control.  Tending, toiling, planting and harvesting are all the tasks that make ECO gardening rewarding and at Keystone a much healthier alternative to de-flavoured imports.  Enjoy!

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