The marker arranged sign points to columns.  I am sure that the columns are not urinals.  Yet, in the barren desert land nothing seems to make sense.  The colonnade of columns leads the eye toward another sanctuary, another temple but no promised relief. On the Avenue of the Sphinxes a sign warns.  The avenue connects the Luxor and Karnak temples.  The view from one sanctuary to the other is punctuated by 1000 sphinxes.

The foreboding sign simply pauses the visitor to return in a few years when the avenue restoration is complete.  A few years is not a very long wait, when the many artifacts in Luxor, the open air museum, are over 5000 years old.

In the Valley of the Kings another sign.  This time each kingdom ending tomb is marked with a sign.  This rich discovery not only marked a discovery of endings but also acted as signposts to new beginnings.

On the crane boom a sign that promises construction.  More excavations.  Somewhere there will be another sign, that like the Rosetta Stone, ties all these stories together.

The serpent attacks with all three heads and kingdoms fall.

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