Silk Lessons

Twisting 1024 strands of hair-thin natural silk into threads has been a rattling machine task since the turn of the century.  Raw silk wound into silk thread.  In the beginning it was very good.  After some time in the rythmic rattling of the thread twisters it was audibly evidenced that hearing protection might be in order.  None in sight.

Between the spinning of the yarn and the weaving of the fabric a dozen steps would yield finished goods.  In the drying room (sheltered from flying pests and dust) the dyed fabric was laid out to dry.  This silk was not only pure, but naturally dyed.  This silk was heading to purse linings for national brands or even jacket linings. Pure natural dyed silk!  An echo of an earlier way.  Rooted in tradition and family.

A few steps further a young husband and his wife were peeling radishes for spring rolls.  Grandmother was watching their young child from the balcony.  The lowest tech skills might give us a glimpse into our way to the future.  Tradition might be the foundation of something new.

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