Steps, Steeples, Stupas #1

The steps are everywhere, they are the way home! These notes in three stanzas are linked by the more than the pallidrom of s’s! They are held together by journeys of change, hope and devotion.  This first verse is a hymn of praise to the steps of the recovery world. It would be easy to discount the steps as a way of climbing higher, however most pilgrims on the road to recovery have been to the mountaintop  of experience, escape and ecstasy. The invitation of every staircase, every step program is a desire to try, a desire to climb a wantoness to be closer to the goal.


A little less worn and a bit greener than the opening set! Each time someone visits a set of steps and does some soul scraping writing it begins with the dream that this time it will be better, more insightful, easier.  Then as the work begins the illusion of the greener pastures vanishes into the bare tread journey that leads to a new perspective, a new staring point and even a new behaviour.


These worn treads that would make even Martin Luther (that monk who would climb stairs till his knees bled, that priest who posted 95 reasons for change on the church door in Wittenberg) blush. Working each step with a repeated precision has not only created a worn-in comfort, but an agility of experience through time. The treads are fragile, but smoother!  Edges softened by the trod steps of experience.


There between the handrail and the space –an elevator shaft. A short cut! The steps of a recovery fellowship are the road map to the changes necessary to stay!  A way of being OK with self.  A way of taking responsibility.


With time twists and turns create the stage for creative problem solving!  A steady climb with disciplined limits marked by the grey borders!  Each time a set of steps, a staircase for recovery is made, I am reminded that to get to the next floor you have to climb all the steps.  Three steps, five steps, will not get you to the next floor. Consider the connection the steeples and stupas have to the steps and how every steeple chase, every stupa prostration might be one of the steps.


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  1. I enjoyed reading very much. I, after a quarter century, have never been bored by this process. There always is another set of steps waiting to lead me where my heart wants and needs to go. Thanks.

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