Sunshine shadow-dancing

The street art of Lisbon has been the topic of many conversations.  Visitors admire.  Artists descry! These oversized, over politicized images not only leave a visual mark on the streetscapes — they make statements.  The images in line with Dutch philosopher, Kuitert, proclaim loudly that everything is politics.


The closed building with shuttered eyes flashing more development potential than any bribe might accomplish.  The veiled observer like the three legendary monkeys proclaims special status in a world worn weary with power and beliefs.  The grapes of wrath wrapping everything in silence.


This beheaded cow was here long before Trudeau got Trumped, and it does make for pause on the streets of Lisbon.  Most importantly, the robed cow breaks through the window without a scratch, without a shadow and breaks into the streetscape like any dancing puppet.  Posters, window displays and even puppets all have more to say than the so unvoiced silence of much of western art.


Who is pulling the strings?  Who pays attention to shadow-dancing?


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