The Tides of Time

There is a glorious juxtaposition between the flagrant decadence of this super-sized bar stool town and the isolated communities of the diaspora.  The emergence of blue beams, backgrounds and logos are a constant reminder that there is a more excellent way. The novelist, Paulo Coelho in Zahir captures the disconnect like this, “When they passed through the cities the nomads would think:  The poor people who live here, for them everything is is always the same. The people who lived in the city probably looked at the nomads and thought the poor people have nowhere to live.  The nomads had no past, only present, and that is why they were always happy, until the governors made them stop travelling and forced them to live on collective farms…”. Beneath all that living in the moment stuff there is emerging a new community.  Travelers who are content in the moment!

Emerging from the wall art are those travelers who have seen, still see and live to see that life beyond the skeleton of a beach chair breaks out in community.

On the beach a community of visitors gathers for food, sand between toes and a glorious blast of sunset!

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