Twin Towers

The sun glows through the high plateau pine.  In the background Lake Chapala holds the morning clouds dear as the sun breaks across the vista.  We spent last night in Jocotepec with Margarets brother Casey and his partner Susan.  On our arrival (ego had it arranged for us) there was a major festival.  A feast of tabernacles with food and lights and music the ever increasing daily crescendo of celebration. This party goes on all week!


The twirling cohetes assembled by the local guild will repeat a flaming and thunderous display of fireworks.  Each evening of the celebration will be punctuated by the colours fireworks and the music of celebration.  There is a simplicity to the celebration.  A cu of wieners!

At each table a celebration of the rooted cuisine of the valley,  Fresh tacos, chilies, heat and meat sauce pored onto the fresh tacos.

The images celebrating a festival are punctuated by family making connection.  Through the crowds the twin towers embrace a found presence, a celebration that towers over saints and music.



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