Walking on Water

OK the miracle has been debunked.  The current flow and the shapes of the water-foils have made walking on water possible!  Now, that took two thousand years.  However the plea to free Palestine has not happened yet. There is a generation of the disenfranchised young and their colleagues who are determined to tag civilization into a new kingdom.  To turn the tables! In the words of MLK — deliver the kingdom for the least, the lost and the last. In our often entitled perspective we might miss the subtle shifts.  By nature we are inclined to be attracted to power and money whereas, hopefully, our nurture with prayered insight might turn us toward the pained and disenfranchised.  Our first world perspective needs a dose of humility.

The tagged wall presents as “street” art.  The truth is that on the gnarled piece of driftwood a  new generation of reformers are posting their thesis on the crossroads of Europe.  Now Calvin and Zwingli and the team took aim at the status quo.  They peeled back the veneer to expose raw power.  We get glimpses of how power reacts to challenge.  There are signs forbidding something. There are books being banned (used to call ‘em burnings). New rules replace old traditions. The short version is that pseudo parental “no”.  The more one looks around, the more custom and superstition runs and ruins our lives.

There are not enough new rules/laws/customs/habits/constitutional articles and even court hearings to overcome the freedom we all have.  There is this notion in scriptures and in much of our practiced democracy that we are free – set free from slavery of any kind.  Now learning has a way of making kids ask honest questions.  One wonders why dictators, depots, ideologues are chiefly identified by the liberty they take away rather than by the freedom they give.  It might be that walking on water requires open-mindedness.


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