We Shall Overcome

In the entrance way to an exhibit of modern art in Bordeaux the neon flashes like a Las Vegas Boulevard.  The message altered by geography and social need. Underneath the blue neon glow the message spells wants and desires.  People shall not live by bread alone!  Somehow in our time and culture we have lost the spiritual, lost the ability to savour prickly roses.

Through the spinning Ferris Wheel the Statue of Liberty dances on an historical monument.  Liberty Equality and Fraternity.  In our times the ride on the Ferris Wheel and the soaring personal satisfaction overrides the need for bread and roses.  Spinning around in circles on a Ferris Wheel will not deliver  hope to the hungry.

A few days later in an old laundry pool I catch glimpse of another reflection, my own!  All this image bearing does not fold neatly into the overcome slogan.  The laundry might rinse clean and children can go to school polished, but that hungry stuff and those roses, they still prick.

Further down the hall the artist Mike Kelley plants a flag permanently on the remnants of our civilization.  You could help the world overcome!

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