What Food These Morsels Be

The bright colours of the orange and red cherry tomatoes promise flavour.  The palate is more than rewarded by flavour bursts in every bite.  The promise of “the best” in Sicilian tomatoes is delivered.  Sweetness without sugar. Tart without acid. A palette awash with an alertness that is pursued for years.  I have grown tons (yes…) of tomatoes but never as good.

A simple streetscape in Cantania elevates the ordinary to visual feast.  We strolled up Via Etnea in low hanging cloud and made our way along this civic meeting place to encounter sand bags, door guards and closed shops.  Retail therapy without spending a Euro! When we arrived at Via Umberto even Savia was closed.  I have hope that the winds will blow all night and clear away the rain clouds so we can unearth every morsel hidden in this cornucopia.

On the beach the new wind formed dunes nestle around palm plants like snow would around evergreens.  The new tracks in the sand lead up the hill to the road where sand and water have made many miles impassable.

Back at the hotel the rain dances on the closed pool.  Our walk in town and along the dunes in the drizzle has stunned some locals.  Trying to explain that we live in a west-coast rain forest and that low lying cloud does not barricade discovery.  We are on a mission of discovery.  Seeking morsels.  Seeking visual delights.  Seeking!


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