Arise & Shine

The opening lines could come from the prophet Isaiah to our present age.  What can easily be mislabelled as graffiti might well be viewed as a word (in pictures) to our times.  The carefully crafted Phoenix that spans 8 metres announces rebirth in a community, neighbourhood, that goes beyond civil servants and all the do good programs.

Street art is a lot/more than graffiti.  It, in the lyrics of U2, delivers grace to ugly things.  The vacant building a canvas.  The Phoenix across the street promises newness.  The capped rubber duck emerges from the colour of shower with determination to rise above it.

The flattened planter (less than 7 centimetres) reclaims the sidewalk and the wall-way for green.  This carefully crafted planter is a multilayered environment for roots and water.  Depth being more important than width to overcome bureaucratic regulations.  A touch of green on earth.

Along the acres of sand in Acheron Bay a flag pole rises from the pier.  Whiter than White Rock but shorter.  This centurion to conquest flys a wind worn flag.  The pole repainted with loving care raises from the landscape.  The voices from the street are prophetic if we have ears to hear.  The observations of artist-prophets may find a way to renew and renewal.


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