Chateaus, castles and saints

The naming of houses and statues and birthplaces in the South of France is not only of historical significance but also of an unwritten desire to belong.  To be part of. When visiting the museum of contemporary art I caught Margaret coveting an original typewriter with a continuous document scattered on imaginary paper as if it were a Kerouac novel.  The statue of Cyrano de Bergerac (mis)located in the city that bears his surname but has no connection to his roots.  Belonging to history and place is important.

The stories of St Nicholas and his 12th century place inside the cathedral walls in Libourne were an introduction to legend and history.  The role of children and community in the life of this Saint coloured him in the limestone shadows of history.

Behind each story, each window, each fading frame is a person, event, occasion, waiting to break away from simple appellations to the glory days of an era gone by.  Maybe history is overrated and the present devalued.



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