Bandwidth and other Scales

In planted gardens there tends to be an obsessive attention to orderliness. Rows,edges,borders,weeds,wilted blooms and spectrum.  The gardens at Keukenhof provided a morning of disorganized delight in a playground of rigid possibility.

Tulips,whether seen in perspective or close-up, dance in their surrounding fieldscpaes like a spotted matrix in a Serault painting. One could take the development of chromoluminarism and pointillism as an artistic attempt to replicate what nature does naturally.  Eye catching bee catchers.

All this could become boring and tedious if it weren’t for the omniscient observer status of our children.  Imagine having to plant these bulbs, weed these beds, remove decaying petals, and even store all this for winter.  There is an inter generational beauty when life and art merge into the present moment, obsession might be an element of creativity!


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