Bulbs, Blooms & Roots

Between Fall and Spring there is a winter.  Winter for novelists has been about discontent and sleep.  Winter for weather has been cold in the north, hot in the south.  Winter in biology has been about dormancy and gestation.  The crowning end of winter in Holland is marked by flowering tulips.  Celebrated in gardens, by florists and in kitchen planters. Dancing on imaginary Lilly Pads in a fantasy garden grants a glimpse into a family’s footwork.

Rooted in northern Canada and towering over ever changing fields, family is connected by the ever returning sunshine, laughter and story.

Brightened by colour and perched above fields of flowers, family is connected by the ever changing pallet of colours and memory.

Brightened by colour and perched in outlines of memory, family is connected by rootedness and tradition.

Brightened by each other and blessed with every memory as they grow rootedness that will weather winter and bloom in Spring.


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