Colouring Surf

In Puerto Escondido the walls are alive with dancing surf boards.  Somehow I think I’ve arrived a decade late in a town where surfers are more important than all-inclusives.  Vegetarian food and seafood abound.  The tile image reminds everyone that this is a surfing town.  Boards, board shorts, beads and birds abound.

The yellow hues of the surf-board illustration and the brilliance of the hibiscus lead the eyes toward the sun.  The waves break the mirrored waters and the reflections blaze on retinas!  The staircase leads to lodging with a multicolored invitation. The boarders pass through the arch reaching for reprieve from the bright lights.

On the wall outside the stretching studio (choose Yoga, Pilates or napping) the detailed work by mural artist, Alcalde, captures the secrets of a surf city Mexico — the eyes are on you.  No matter how muted your light the surf is coloured by sunshine and curling waves.


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