Devonian Gardens and Beyond

On the other side of town, the U of A has over fifty years built gardens that are home to fruits, vegetables, trees, berries, flowers and  architectural design.  Our friend Bob Bruinsma later told us that his early career in the sciences was launched in the Devonian gardens some fifty years ago. The most striking addition of the past few years has been the Aga Khan Garden.

The spacing of granite, limestone, water and vegetation has created a contemplative escape from the rushing traffic on highway 16 nearby.

The reflection of colours and the geometric patterns of the walkway contribute to and order that only nature dare disturb.  The generous profusion of marigolds draws the visitor beyond the immediate to a horizon of possibility.

Throughout the gardens signage invites and rewards discovery.  Mushrooms are hinted at and finding morels is even a possibility.

In the patch of raspberry canes a hint on the sign of golden possibilies.  Last spring we found a stray golden raspberry at Keystone.  Next year golden berries!

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