Earth — grounding

The levelling of sand for tables and chairs is carried out with the precision of a garden bed.  The crop tourists. The yield pesos. Weeding and wiping tables the same seamless motion.  This garden grows after sundown.  The landscape reaches toward the horizon and the condo complex.

Under the water the ground yields oysters that the family harvests to serve on the tables.  Shucking oysters is a skill that is coupled with strength and risk.  The trained eye can eliminate the unhealthy crop and the skilled shockers can maintain flavour and deliver optimal freshness without refrigeration.

At the tide line the rain-washed roots and trees are ground into the rolling rock sea.  Trees uprooted by their nature-cycles to become grounding soil for crops.

The cycles of earth are visible all over the planet.  This cycle sees the earth as a source of blessing.  Somewhere between sun, sand, rain and human activity there are moments of redemption.  Glimpses of glory.


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