Fish meal

On the streets of Lisbon, right where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic, there are bridges and statues and ramparts and a host of tourist trapping attractions. A few miles north in an old town called Porto there is nestled a fishing village called, Alfurado. In the restaurants fresh grilled sardines are the delicacy and are the only thing on the menu.

Each sardine swelling with grilled innards and sizzling with the rich fish oils of sardine.  The limited menu and the early hour made sardine feasting a challenge.  The canary faired better later in the day… Yet as in a Steinbeck novel this town was closing. The remnants saved for fish meal and fertilizer.

On the docks village elders mend nets.  A mending skill that with the closing of the fishery may also disappear.  The yellow floats speak of hope. Maybe theses nets need to be cast on the other side.  The guide in the museum said the fishermen had been banned from cod fishing in the Maritimes.




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