It’s Cold Up Here!

The warmth of family and the geography of the “great white north” were discongruent this past weekend.  On the road between Edmonton and Terrace we experienced one day of drizzling rain.  On the visits and stops we experienced the sunshine of fall and not once were cold!  I’ll get to the empty hull later.

Visiting the Devonian Gardens we unfurled the umbrella to save diminishing hair from the stress of drizzle.  The yellow slicker for colour! Ken and Miranda huddling Margaret for colour and support.

Days later in Terrace, Naomi leans on her father as if to push the whole row of family into the flowing Kleanza River.  Yes we will get to the ark later.

Lined on the river bed a family poses for a portrait.  The sun streams through a rain forecast and extends our celebration of light.  Sunshine in October in Terrace!  That emerging hull hints at something big soon.

Yes, he might be able to wordsmith his way around a few chosen Bible passages… But will this blue hull ever make passage to the great waters of the North Coast.  This is not an ark.  This is not a kayak.  This is not in the water yet… The great thing about visiting with your children is you get to stare at and share in their dreams….  I have a hunch that Ken might be helping Joel soon!!

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