Reflections and other Considerations

In Bordeaux there is a civic park that caters to all generations.  Wheel chair friendly, kids playground, plants and hedges and even a duck pond.  The business of getting all your ducks in a row was always a hunting metaphor for gun sites and decoys. However crossing the arched bridge and watching a family navigate murky waters mixed the metaphors of my memory.  Straight lines are over-rated.

Across the transit tracks the bycycle squad was comparing notes or  coffee or whatever else might be neighbourly.  They, like the ducks, had learned that straight lines were obsolete.  The morning lesson was more about getting into the neighbourhood and out of cars.  You’d have to walk around to see what’s going down.

Back in the park the evergreen shrubs have been organized by regular pruning for years.  Maybe being linear has less to do with appearances and more to do with story.  Maybe these snippets from the road are your invitation to walk around and see how pointed and rounded straight lines might be.

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