Oil Filters and Dessert Plates

Clouds peeking I wanted to bring something for every eventuality on the road trip and tried fit every emergency into the 1989 VW Westphalia. It’s been a week on the road and we’re paused for coffee and reorientation. None of the emergency stuff got used, no bear spray even though we saw a bear on the road outside of Ignace, ON. The pictures along the way can not capture the landscapes, the vistas, the miles and the faces. But looking back over what we chose to take along, the oil filters appear as essential as the dessert plates. Travelling into Ontario we spent a few nights in the Best Westy on-the-lake doing some paddle boarding. There is photo evidence that Margaret clearly has the legs for this! One of the great lessons of sleeping in the Westy is learning the art of moving through your dreams like synchronized swimmers. Any other movements result in injury! This morning we are re-packing the van, that means house-cleaning on the road. Getting back to the oil filters, choices can be just that simple moment when practical meets pleasurable. The joy of living is finding the balance! The deeper joy comes when it no longer matters! I was going to post something daily, the goals are even on holidays!!

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