The Petunias were overwhelming the planter as I stepped into the day. The Westphalia needs insurance and the gas-tank leak should be fixed, the final patches on the road trip plan.  Journeys begin somewhere between dreaming and planning.  Between clearing the desk and turning the key.  This past weekend I attended to some “minor” pruning at Keystone.  Spending time at the Last Door’s new pipeline to recovery and sitting in the overgrown abundance of a carefully planned landscape I was reminded of how often neglect and in-attention contribute to unmanageability.  In a garden one can eradicate weeds and prune judiciously but restoration takes the regeneration of growth and careful maintenance. Now you knew I was heading to some convoluted recovery connection and here it is:  The Petunias (with a careful pruning right after planting) present as a glorious gift.  Fixing the gas tank and clearing overgrowth may not have apparent immediate benefits but the explosion of growth or even the absence of the boom of disaster become the time carried benefits of attention.  Steadfast travel through the blooming glory that surrounds us may just be enough for today.

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