Remembrance Day

Some years ago, at the end of that first whole world war they erected this memorial gate at the entrance to an Olympic training pool in Hawaii.  The pool is in disrepair, the site declared unsafe and memory of the war clearly fading into ruin.  It might be easy to forget history or want a revisionist version but the 11-11-11 remembrance reaches beyond arches and peace towers into our daily lives.  Can we make connection between these beaches and those beaches?

Monuments will require maintenance, pools will require rebuilding and memory will take mare than school yard posters to rekindle.  There is an idealism that went to war, there is a realism that returned.

Poppies poked onto jackets  are a symbol of remembrance.  To a post-war immigrant kid who came to Canada remembrance is more than a poppy.  Remembrance is about living with a peace making acceptance of all those who were persecuted for faith, colour or sexual orientation.  Living and enjoying life in a new world.  This world made new!

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