Speaker’s Circle

Under the ungolden arch a chair sits waiting, anticipating.  The painting by Darlene Galer captures the season, the swing, the recovery made possible. In the courtyard at Last Door Keystone Retreat there is a circled gathering of recovering persons.  Food, fresh air, gardens and recovery conversations bond the gathered crowd.

The speakers’ circle recounts recovery. Those early days when each person seeking recovery was both a coach and a student.  The old axioms about lessons and “if you can teach it…” you might have “learned something”  wove across the terrace.  The fading hours of sunlight announce another evening and the gathered celebrants are perched for words.

Earlier in the day a touch football game emerges in the fields of Moody Park.  Recovery is that balance between playfulness, work and nurture.  When is the last time you sat down to nurture your soul.  To listen to stories of faith, wisdom and hope. To rest at the close of day knowing everything is good.

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