Winter Garden

On the granite ridge, Fall pumpkins emerge from the powdered mildew leaves, a month ahead of schedule.  In the Keystone greenhouses micro greens are emerging from seed – growing.  The second crop of tomatoes is set and the newly planted crop of English cucumber plants are flashing yellow flowers.  The Thai peppers are turning a hot red and the Fall Spinach is emerging from the soil.  Winter endive and kale flash solid greens as the leeks posit blue tones on the pallet.

As summer rolls into the celebration of Recovery, we gratefully acknowledge that Last Door Keystone Retreat has sprinkled health and wellness on the road of recovery.  There are no grants or dictums — only the desire to serve what is right, wholesome, fresh and refreshing.

One more planting of salads and peas and spinach before the frost flies! The pumpkins are stacked on the granite wall huddling for warmth. They are ripe early!   The raspberries yield a second crop.  The seasons are in disarray.  Henri Nouwen says that prayer is a prophetic matter.  Mother Teresa once believed that prayer changes things, but before her death (in the last years of her life) she proclaimed; I know that prayer changes us and we change things.  On the road to the cross Jesus models the eleventh step — I will drink this cup so your will will be done.  Life is hard. We can pray for change in our lives, our climate, our health, our gardens — surprisingly nothing happens till we start doing!


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