Venice, Windmills and other Rarities

The whitewash of Easter is visible year round on Mykonos.  The walls are white, the grout in the walkways is white and the local uniform is white except for Little Venice that is — colour abounds here.

Dodging waves in the watered walkways in the waterfront eateries of “Little Venice” there is a constant selfie flashing reminder that this whitewashed town is a tourist site.  On the hills above town, the un-Dutch windmills were perched to convert the Mediterranean breezes into energy for mills and stills.

The sign says it all — Rarity!  Somehow wandering the streets of this cruise ship tourist stop one might haul out an old Biblical curse, “whitewashed sepulchers” and not be sure whether the finger pointing is directed at the town or the silver stranded visitors.  We ate well.  We saw incredible collections of art.  The most spectacular and chronologically appropriate find was a gallery of some of the greatest art we had ever seen (pictures not allowed).  Leaving the colored visual feast we emerged into the walkway, truly satisfied with being and having seen a mirrored Rarity.

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