Sand, sand and sun

The gritting of sand in a sandal may be an irritation.  Walking 4300 steps with sand grinding calouses may save on a future pedicure.  At another level these irritations emerge as one leaves the routines of daily tasks behind.  There are not a lot of images of stacked grains of sand.  Sand monuments might be considered a conceit.  One could consider sand castles or the command to remove your sandals on holy ground. The temporary castle and the permanent holy ground might be the ecological front line of escapism of our culture.

Walking along the tide-line as the sun emerges from the mountains and towering condos one wonders what all this escapism has done.  The wave in an uncontrolled period cycle washes the sand into the dry sandal.  The walking becomes irritating.  The presence of ground, ground into sand between callouses and sandals could be an irritation.  Yet, today the sun rises and tonight it will set.  A holy grounded cycle.

The rider mounted between the palapa captures the conflict and the transition.  All ground is holy. Make way for the rider on way to eating at your table.

Fifty years ago we published a magazine focused on holy ground.  The challenges are the same.  In fifty years we have lived between two worlds. Maybe the dichotomy is false.  Everything is holy.


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